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Well Water


When correctly treated, well water can actually be of a higher quality than the municipal water supplied by many different cities. We have many different system types designed to give the homeowner an effective means to treat their water, providing clean, taste and odor free water.


The system type we decide to use is based on many different criteria, such as the depth of the well, the size of the residence, the number of bathrooms, the number of occupants, impurities to be removed, area or town where property is situated, and the required flow rates. When we decide on a system type, we consider the water flow rate the customer would need, and size the equipment accordingly. All filtration media (softening resin, carbon, manganese greensand, Birm, etc.) has a minimum time that the passing water needs to be in contact with it for. This time is referred to the "contact time", and is measured in gallons per minute per square foot. Contact times vary from media to media and is specified by the manufacturer of that specific media. This "contact time" is critical to the process; if the water is flowed through the media faster than the contact time, the filters will not be performing at their optimum, and impurities was pass through and into the house. This will result in discolored, foul smelling and tasting water that will leave stains in the wash basins, toilets and showers, and will discolor the laundry.