About Us

woman drinking water from a bottle

Florida has long been dealing with problems that relate to water systems. From Southern Florida area to Hillsboro Pines, South West Ranches, Miramar, Palm Beach County, Parkland, Davie and Broward County; most of these areas are concerned about having clean potable water for their homes. Many of the houses in these areas have smelly water typical of iron since the water that comes out of our water lines is not clean as we think it is.

Founded in 1978, Sutter Filtration Systems has established itself as a leading company specializing in the purification of well water, as well as other “hard to treat” or problematic water and chlorination. Sutter Filtration Systems specializes in providing filters and doing reverse osmosis on waters of residential homes.

Our primary business is the purification of residential water for households that are on well water, covering every aspect of the process for the homeowner. This ranges from well pump repairs, pressure tanks, water purification systems, reverse osmosis systems, etc. We also treat city water homes with water softeners, charcoal filters and reverse osmosis systems. Typically operating in the areas of Broward County such as Parkland; we guarantee top-of-the-line equipment and effective filter systems.

In addition to the sales and installation of new equipment, and the repairs of existing equipment, we offer an affordable monthly service plan to the homeowner. This offers the best quality of water at all times saving you the headache of lugging heavy bags of salt, or corrosive materials such as chlorine or potassium permanganate. This is done at a cost only a little higher than what it would cost the homeowner to purchase the supplies.

We offer the sales of new water filtration equipment, with each system being designed according to the projected consumption, required flow rates, the impurities to be removed as well as the cost-effectiveness. We sell the highest quality of products, such as Fleck, Goulds, Calgon Carbon and Structural at the lowest price in the market. Our prices are usually much lower than those of our competitors, sometimes by a couple thousand dollars. We will always attempt to beat any written estimate for the same equipment/goods.

We offer emergency service calls, repairs to most water systems, as well as salt delivery. If you’re in Sunrise, Coral Springs, Parkland, or Broward County, FL, contact us today!